Estate and Trust Administration

Estate and Trust Administration

When a loved one passes away, whether or not there is a will or trust, we can make administration of the estate easier.

Probate and Administration of Estates

Probate is a court process to determine who receives a deceased person’s assets. The Probate or Chancery Court Judge decides whether a Will exists and who will be the “personal representative” (the executor or administrator) for the estate. The Court oversees the administration of the estate, including the payment of estate creditors and the distribution of the assets to the beneficiaries. The probate process generally takes six months to a year to complete, mostly because of the time allowed for estate creditors to file and prove their claims. For smaller estates, including estates that contain significant real estate but no other property, there are simpler and less time-consuming options available.

Even a living trust requires some administration. There are often tax returns and administrative responsibilities that require the advice of experienced professionals.

We can help you with the probate and the administration of your loved one’s estate, whether small or large.