Special Needs Alliance Articles from The Voice

Special Needs Alliance logoThe Voice is the e-mail newsletter written monthly by members of The Special Needs Alliance, a national organization of attorneys whose practice focuses on planning for individuals with disabilities and their families. William King Self, Jr., a member of The Special Needs Alliance, has selected the following articles that he believes will be of special interest to his clients.

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Some articles of interest:

Representative Payee for Social Security Benefits
October 2015 – Vol. 9, Issue 10

Distributions from Special Needs Trusts: In Kind Distributions, Credit Cards, Gift Cards, or Debit Cards
October 2015 – Vol. 9, Issue 9

Disabled Military Child Protection Act
August 2015 – Vol. 9, Issue 7

Medicare Observation Status: Denying Medicare Coverage for Skilled Nursing Home Care
May 2015 – Vol. 9, Issue 6

The ABLE Act – A New Tool for Special Needs Planning
April 2015 – Vol. 9, Issue 4

Summary of Disability Benefits
January 2015 – Vol. 9, Issue 1

Child Support for an Adult Child with Disabilities
December 2014 – Vol. 8, Issue 6

Naming a Special Needs Trust as Beneficiary of your IRA or Retirement Plan
August 2014 – Vol. 8, Issue 5

Considerations when Initiating or Settling a Personal Injury Action
July 2014 – Vol. 8, Issue 4

Tax Tips for Parents of a Child with Special Needs
April 2014 – Vol. 8, Issue 3

Filing a Tax Return for a Special Needs Trust: What a Trustee Needs to Know at Tax Time
March 2014 – Vol. 8, Issue 2

Special Needs Trusts And Home Ownership: A Trustee’s Concerns
January 2014 – Vol. 8, Issue 1